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Strikt is a variable modular font family with 2 axes, build on a 3x3 grid. It was designed by Peter Bushuev and released in August of 2020.

It was inspired by the idea of utilizing the variable font technology to make a font with build-in animation potential.

Strikt has 2 variable axes: weight and animation. The first one is self-explanatory, but the animation axis is the main feature of the font. It allows you to morph any glyph to a 3x3 dot array and back. In Strikt Plus modification, this array is the same for each letter, which gives the possibility to transform one glyph to the other.

Strikt is also a very sturdy but unique display font. In "Plus" modification it gives even more sci-fi and techno vibes. And in light weights, Strikt becomes more architectural and gives the possibility to make unusual ornamental layouts.

Get Strikt to jazz up your design! Try variable versions for kinetic typography and motion graphic. Strikt is a bold choice for posters, album covers, experimental identity and packaging, games, and editorial design.

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Strikt Variable

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