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Juxta Sans Mono

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Juxta Sans Mono is a new geometric monolinear monospace font family, part of the Juxta superfamily, inspired by the monospaced font aesthetics and scandinavian design.

Juxta have several style-forming elements: 45° beweled bowls, cross out letters, squared m and w arcs and other unobvious letter structures. Numerous OpenType features and 8 weights offer great customization potential.

Juxta was designed primarily as a display font, but its monospace origin and wide spacing allows it to be used in text body if you need to add pragmatic or tech feel to it. In large sizes its perfect grid geometry give your design the spirit of Nordic minimalism.


662 glyphs

8 weights

stylistic alternatives (underlined letters)

stylistic set 01 (few letter with different structures for font diversity)

case sensitive forms

subscript and superscript (full set of capitals with auto kerning)

oldstyle figures

.otf and .woff files

Languages Supported: Latin Extended A (Western and Central European languages), Cyrillic (Russian, Ukranian etc.)

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Juxta Sans Mono

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